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How to change your Eye Color in 45 Mins !!

Joseph Harrison

Jane Elliot is the form of human I strive to be. There are so many people who I wish I could force to go through this exercise. Blk, Wht, and others. There is SO much ignorance everywhere we exist... it turns my stomach. So much blame placed on that group over there.... when in reality, it's all going according to a plan, consciously or unconsciously. Let me decode the video: Jane Elliot represents the small Group of people who run Earth. Everyone else represents the groups who are conditioned to fight each other. When you don't speak up for the...

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Wait, What Rules Do You Speak Of?

Joseph Harrison #HiHumanity HarrisonxRose What Rules

                           "eventually, the rules won't suit you.. "   By: Joseph D. Harrison Jr. I know, it's been awhile since you've heard from me.  Hi.  Let's have a little chat! Think back when you were having a heated conversation with someone. How often does someone tell you what you should do? Especially when you didn't ask, then give you "rules" on why? Is it in our human nature to be so..  BOSSY?  Even when unwarranted? All throughout school you get a full brow shellacking of why you should...

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