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Wait, What Rules Do You Speak Of?

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"eventually, the rules won't suit you.. "


By: Joseph D. Harrison Jr.

I know, it's been awhile since you've heard from me.  Hi.  Let's have a little chat!

Think back when you were having a heated conversation with someone.

How often does someone tell you what you should do?

Especially when you didn't ask, then give you "rules" on why?

Is it in our human nature to be so..  BOSSY?  Even when unwarranted?

All throughout school you get a full brow shellacking of why you should follow the rules.

But, history is built on not following them, right?

Rules are there to be broken.

While there are some that you need to follow, if you want to be successful in just about anything, there are times that you need to go against a few of the limitations set against you.

Not too sure if that’s a good idea?

Here are three reasons to break the odd rules now and then.

Challenge the Ways Businesses Work...    

(your life is your business)

Innovators think outside of the box, and most of the time, use it for a watering hole.

They challenge the norms, which are set up by current businesses and busybodies.

For example, low-budget airlines challenged the way major companies worked so they could charge passengers less.

Successful healthy lifestyle programs challenged the crash diet programs to help their customers.

Challenging the way businesses run and work is a form of rule-breaking. You’re stepping outside of the norm and being innovative.

Make Advancements in Your Field

The current workings and rules may not be up to date.

There may be advancements to make, and the only way you can do that is by pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules.

This is something Albert Einstein did to become the renowned physicist he is known as being today.  Right along with Carter G. Woodson and Garrett A. Morgan.  

For example, Mr. Morgan invented the safety hood which was the precursor to the gas mask. Hell, who's to say you can't use that invention for other things...like...


Now, you may say this is silly.  But recently I noticed a lot of athletes with masks on when working out...  maybe not Mr. Morgan's famous gas mask, but who's to say where the idea originated.

One of the only ways to improve is to make advancements and learn something new.  It doesn’t matter what field you work in.

Avoid Limiting Your Creativity

Following rules can limit your creativity. This leads to stifling your ability to succeed. When you break the rules, you let your creativity flow.

Just look at the way Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook grow; it wasn’t about turning a large profit for him.

Furthermore, let's look at Tristian Walker of Bevel.  He's already expanded the brand into hair trimmers and has plans to be around for the next 150 years!

For those who know me..  I've been selling t-shirts since the 90's.  I've been painting all my life.  I've been making music since the days of my baptist church upbringing.  

For some of you, you just know only my brainy side.... (or not)

Chains are meant to be broken!!  Our country's history states that loud and clear.

Check out this shirt I created in reference to the history of rules!  

Fact is.. I just love being creative.  I think it's the missing link in our society.

The more creative you are in your field, the more creative you will be in life.

You think beyond the conventional, and this helps you succeed in many other ways.

To be successful, you need to step outside of the rules. Of course, you need to learn which rules you can and cannot break, like the rules of math.

This isn’t about breaking the law, but pushing the boundaries set by other people in society or within business. Are you already a trend setter?  

Cause, what rules?

Stop by the online store and pick up a shirt or two.

Leave a comment and let me know how you feel about rules..

I'll be picking up on this topic in the next post..

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