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Joseph Harrison

Jane Elliot is the form of human I strive to be.

There are so many people who I wish I could force to go through this exercise. Blk, Wht, and others. There is SO much ignorance everywhere we exist... it turns my stomach. So much blame placed on that group over there.... when in reality, it's all going according to a plan, consciously or unconsciously.

Let me decode the video: Jane Elliot represents the small Group of people who run Earth. Everyone else represents the groups who are conditioned to fight each other. When you don't speak up for the atrocities of one group, doesn't matter which, you share the blame in what's happening to them. .. And you better believe there are some in that Trillionaire group who run society on earth, that don't agree with controlling people through the inhuman conditions and divisions placed upon them.

My wish list:

1st things first, learn and exorcise the horrible conditions we've been trained to exhibit through our behavior towards ourselves and others.

2nd, have empathy and true love for our fellow humans. REAL LOVE for humanity. Not the one that just saves doggies. Get your Soul Right. Don't waste your existence on a system that will eventually implode.

And yes, the idea that it's just human nature is an excuse.

Sheep. GetWit. Follower. LameDuck.   I love you regardless.

We are humans, we make our own existence within ourselves.

3rd, be there for the next generation who don't want to be part of the systematic institutionalized structure of ignorance. Once we truly learn to love, teach. The best way we learn is to teach. BE AN Entrepreneur so we can hire them. By doing this they won't be degraded and further conditioned as an extension of graduating from the current school system. THE whole school 12-13 year system is set up on exclusions. There can be an existence of groups that don't exclude.

4th, LAUGH and LIVE in bliss through it all. It's serious, but we CAN NOT lose sight, and get jaded. Otherwise, you become it.

5th, have a lot of sexy sexy time with your designated significant other. Cause.. halleluiah - why not. (currently playing on the speakers, Carl Carlton - SHE'S A BAD MAMA JAMA, just as fine as she can be)

6th, BE ORIGINAL. THINK. then .. THINK bigger... then THINK MUCH BIGGER then GO & DO.

Thanks for taking the time to listen to my thoughts. Even though it's your voice you hear when reading them, I appreciate your attention. Not because I want it, but because as humans, I want us to evolve as fast as possible. A meteorite could hit Earth at any time and then we'd have to start all over again. It shouldn't have to take a world tragedy to snap us out of the kool-aid waterfall we're frolicking in for us to truly love ourselves.

When we love ourselves it's really easy to see yourself in the human walking by you. Maybe we can recognize their agony and difficulties. Just recognize and empathize, not fully understand at 100%. Just understand.. and provide safety in our company.

That's all we want.

And we need that to grow into beings beyond our current comprehension.

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